Colored Shale Products Inc.
306.693.8800 or 306.631.1955


Colored Shale Products Inc. supplied the Town of Outlook for their track. It was their first track and have since supplied numerous other towns.

Ideal for school tracks

Colours: Red or Tan

Size: 3/8" Minus Red and 3/8" Minus Tan Shale Dust material

Note: A red or tan material with fines is needed to achieve a well compacted track.


  • Very inexpensive in comparison to asphalt or cement
  • Absorbs moisture well, avoid muddy tracks
  • Easier to walk on than cement or asphalt (more cushioned)
  • Retains its natural color
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Measuring how much you will need:

  • 1 cubic yard @ 2 inches thick covers 162 sq. ft
  • Allow for 25" compaction when using Red or Brown Shale Dust


  • 3/8" Minus Dust - minimum of 3 to 4 inches of dust over a well compacted clay sand base
  • Good drainage